What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is an age old digital marketing strategy that is a highly effective marketing tool. If your company is not using email marketing as a way to bring in more business, SEOHoot can guarantee you that your business is leaving money on the table!

Unlike social media marketing, email marketing allows businesses to talk to their interested prospects without the distraction of the next post on their timeline from another competitor. Once a client opens your email – your conversation is all they see.

When your prospect only has eyes for you once their email is opened, it allows for your message to be heard much more clearly. Email marketing is your businesses time to share on an uninterrupted platform what is new with your company and why the reader should choose you to do business with.

You can market under your own terms and provide valuable reading material to your email lists.


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Is email marketing hard?

Email marketing requires a strategy, which can be difficult to master when running a full time company. Many things matter when running a productive email strategy such as constantly improving click through rates, the utilization of conversion tools, and maintaining low unsubscribe rates which by not doing so -could get you potentially blacklisted from email accounts.

Email marketing is not something a novice business owner wants to attempt to tackle alone!

SEOhoot understands all too well the rules and regulations of privacy and digital marketing regulations. Our team of email marketing experts will keep your company off the naughty spam list and up front and center in your prospects inbox.

Some of the ways we do this is by writing engaging copy that is educational and useful such as “Top Tips on How To” … and providing answers to your industry’s frequently asked questions. In email campaigns you can also share heartwarming content such as team and client recognition or blog about the latest news stories related to your industry.

Your emails to your clients are as unique as you are, but SEOhoot understands you have little to no time to create these campaigns.

Consistency is KEY.

One email marketing strategy that allowed email campaigns to be successful and actually provide a return on investment is consistency. By ensuring your email marketing campaigns are sent on a regularly scheduled basis keeps the communication going.

Most business owners treat email marketing as a “when I can get to it” task and create many holes in the communication cycle with their clients. SEOhoot prevents these moments of silence in the email marketing strategy by being engaging on a consistent basis.

SEOhoot carefully assesses your current email marketing strategy and your email list and determines an appropriate email marketing schedule so that your company gets noticed!

We follow email marketing trends with the latest and greatest campaign designs. Our SEO company works closely with you on developing engaging and useful content that will increase the open rates of your email campaigns.

Most importantly – SEOhoot will assist your business on growing your existing email list so that you can reach more people with your valuable message.

Email marketing campaigns are a vital part of your business’s marketing strategy and has been tested over time in the business world. Email marketing works!

Without taking advantage of a professional company who knows exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it your client you are leaving revenue on the table.

Let our company, SEOhoot help your company grow its bottom line by turning newsletters into promotional tools that cause conversions!

Gain more clients with our email list building techniques and keep your presence strong in front of those clients with our specialized email marketing campaign package!

Packages are affordable and easy to sign up for!

For amazing email marketing campaigns that are tailor made for your target market and niche that will get your company conversions and increased sales…our packages start at only $300 per month.

That is an amazing cost for the amount of expertise your company will receive and the mounds of time business owners save!

Our team of expert email marketers will create loyal raving fans of the inbox and keep your revenue wheels churning!


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