All of the process involved in SEO can easily be overwhelming as there is so much to do. But it doesn’t come without its own benefits. When the SEO strategy of your website is right, you get the following results:

Great exposure at no cost at all

Nothing beats organic listings on a search engine as huge as Google. Imagine your page sales ranking on the first page of a Google SERPs. It means the pressure on your budget for advertising reduces. Of course, it will serve as a source of constant traffic to your website. This can help to generate leads which can be converted into clients.


People trust Google. They believe that whatever page appears on the first page of the SERPs has the information they need. As such, they regard such websites with high credibility. When your website ranks in first or second on the results page, your brand becomes noticed. Ranking high increases your reputation as a brand.

Being the best in your niche requires that you do better than the rest. Also, this SEO guide 2019 has shown you a way to go one better than your competitors. As mentioned earlier, it is a lot of work. If you’re not handling your content directly, share this post with whoever is in charge.

But since you’ve read through, why not implement some of the strategies you have learned? The benefits are enormous. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Quality Traffic

Imagine your website appearing on the first results page when you search a keyword Google. What do you think will happen if your website has answers to the searcher’s problems?

One of the major advantages of SEO is that it makes being noticed easier. This is a something called inbound marketing strategy. This is unlike an outbound marketing strategy where you have to reach out to the client via cold calling, spam emails, ads and all.

A person who finds your helpful publication online via the search engine will be more receptive to your marketing efforts. They will be more willing to listen to you than the one you’re trying to reach out to.

You don’t need to pay for ads

It’s your responsibility to fill a web-page with plenty of useful information. Investing time and energy in creating helpful content is enough to help your content outrank the others. This is no mean feat. But with determination, it is achievable.

Once done, you don’t need to pay to attract traffic to the same content. Once the Google algorithm deems the page useful, it will generate traffic for months. This means there’ll be no need to pay for ads to get traffic to visit the page.

Lead Generation

Ranking high on a Google SERP is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. You may want to concentrate on selling as much as possible on your sales page. But have you thought of including those keywords that can make the page rank high?

Being able to generate quality traffic to a sales page is a major game changer. Your sales funnel will remain full. The only thing you may worry about is handling the massive amount of leads you will be getting. Of course, there’s the small issue of you having an increase in sales at the end of the day.


This has been mentioned before but deserves a repeat. When a potential customer has a perception of authority about your brand, you have them for life.

They may not have money enough to buy from you at that moment. But their word-of-mouth advertisement can go a long way. Appearing on the first results page of Google has an authority feel to it. To the searcher, Google trusts this brand. And that makes them want to do business with you. Or at least tell others about the trusted brand they found.


Enter New Markets

Gaining a foothold with one keyword makes your brand valuable. With an optimized website, you can take another bold step by expanding and targeting other keywords. Further, you can trust Google to direct traffic to your new page thus helping you to break into a new market.

Change is the only constant thing in life. This means you may have to keep abreast of the changes that will occur over time. Google may decide to tweak things and change some algorithms.

But this guide includes the most basic things that will remain important over time. So make sure you Bookmark this page. Read it and digest it till using the strategies mentioned becomes a second habit. Then watch your page stand out from the rest and rank high on Google’s search engine result.